Heavy Rain In Karachi

Karachi Rain Turns Out To Be A Blessing For Me

Karachi Rain Has been destructive for the majority of people of Karachi. But for me, it was the most memorable and blessed day of my life in Karachi. It is a day that I’ll never forget. The most special part of it is how some strangers that you come across your life, turn into families, and more.

I was with my kids and husband. We were on our way back to our home when Karachi was going through an intense rain spell. It hadn’t been raining from long but due to poor drainage in some areas, surface water flooding could be seen. Unfortunately, we happened to be crossing from that area and one of our fears came true. Our car broke down.

Stuck there from 4 hours. With kids in our car, hungry and worried, we were devastated. I was praying nonstop that we get out of here safely but the situation seemed otherwise.

After some time, an uncle came by and asked us where we lived and if we needed any help. We were quick to say yes but I was scared to because of all the crime news that I had been hearing. Anyways, we found out through him that our place had flooded already and it would be best if we went to his house with him.

His name was Ali. And seemed very genuine and helpful. So we went along with him. When we got to his home, his daughter welcomed us wholeheartedly. She made us chai and gave us snacks. It felt as if it were our own home, or even better, my mom’s home!

His daughter, Farah, and I talked for hours. While my husband was with Uncle Ali and the kids were just playing here and there. I was quite worried but Farah calmed me down. It all felt refreshing. I was thanking God and Farah every now and then for getting us out of that misery and being the knight in shining armour for us complete strangers.

I then helped her in the kitchen to make dinner as we waited for water levels to go down. But it didn’t seem like the rain would stop anytime soon. I didn’t want to be a burden on them anymore and wanted to go home. But they didn’t let us and we spent the night there. The next morning, the rain had stopped and we thanked Farah and her father for the immense care and love that they showed us throughout our stay. Then Uncle Ali drove us to our home and called the tow truck to tow away our car to the garage for repair.

When I came back home I offered my prayer and cried out of happiness. I’m just so grateful to God that he made such people who’re just like angels in this world. If Uncle Ali hadn’t come to save us, God knows what would’ve happened! It is just because of people like Uncle Ali and Farah, that I’m hopeful for our city, our country. We’ll surely rise, stronger than ever, just because we’re people of heart. We support each other with whatever we have in tough times like these. I will always remember these people in my prayers. And I’ll honour them by helping others.

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Karachi Rain Turns Out To Be A Blessing For Me

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