I’ll End My Dog's Suffering Tonight

I’ll End My Dog’s Suffering Tonight

I’ll End My Dog’s Suffering Tonight

I’m bawling my eyes out from a couple of days now. I don’t think it gets any more difficult than this.. my dog’s body is filled with cancer and he’s in SO much pain right now.

Seeing him in this state is depressing and hurting me a lot. He’s been with such a loyal companion from 8 years and I just can’t bear to even imagine a life without him.

He is getting weaker by each passing day. He doesn’t eat or drink much and just lays down in his bed waiting for the time when he’ll finally get freedom from this suffering.

I cannot see him in this miserable condition and so I googled the ways how I can help end it and bought some sleeping pills. I’ll add it in his food or water tonight. I feel extremely devastated but it’s the best option.

I’ll End My Dog’s Suffering Tonight

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