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“If Your Resume is the Cake, Your Cover Letter is the Icing.”

A resume letter is composed of a Cover letter and a resume and it is used when applying for jobs. The cover letter is a brief letter of self-marketing that is attached before the resume, which is the main letter about the length of two pages. As they’re used in the first step of the job application, hence, it is crucial for the applicant to learn how to properly write both of these in order to have a good first impression on the hiring manager.

These letters go hand in hand just like the cake and icing. As the main purpose of icing is to decorate and keep the cake fresh hence, it adds to the flavour of it. Similarly, the main purpose of the cover letter is to add flavour to the resume. It is the first page of your job letter and so, many times, especially in big companies, the hiring manager just goes through the cover letters of the bunch of resume letters that he’s got and if he comes across an attractive cover letter, he goes on to read the resume as well that he would otherwise, not bother reading.

They are a crucial part of the step before the interview and hence, it has to be a really good one to get called by the recruiters for an interview.
Cover letters must be really brief. The cover letter must be more than half a page and less than full (approximately 300 words) and it must be comprised of three paragraphs. Try focusing on writing down your extra activities and works from which the company can benefit, also tell them why you think you’re the best for this job. Use formal language, give your basic personal info like name, phone number, email. Write the addressee’s details, proper greetings, etc.

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