If Traveling Was Free

If Traveling Was Free

If Traveling Was Free something which I wish was true. A clause that instantly brings the craziest, most fun ideas to our mind. My confession is about a fantasy of mine, that is how my life would’ve been if traveling was free. It’s thought it’s quite interesting and might just be quite common too! I don’t really know as I haven’t even discussed it with anyone. Like all fantasies, mine too is far from reality and the chances of it ever happening areas slimmest as they can be. But this doesn’t stop me from planning what I’d do if traveling did get free. And I’m sure I’m not alone. People who travel have definitely thought about this at least once in their life if not more.

Let’s talk about what I’d do if my fantasy turned into reality one day. First of all, I’d save all the money that I’m saving by taking a free tram to and from my work as well as free bus trips to meet the family. And then I’d use this money and buy myself some travel essentials and book some pocket-friendly hotels in the cities or countries. I’m traveling every weekend to. Haha yes, I’d travel on weekends mostly because I still have to work to be able to afford accommodation and food. Free traveling wouldn’t really mean free food, would it? Then I’d travel first class at all times. I really do wish to travel first class on a plane, but I can’t afford it and don’t think I’d be able to anytime soon.

The first place I’d fly to is undoubtedly Japan and then the rest of Southeast Asia. Why Japan? Well, that’s because I love authentic Japanese food so so much that it makes my tummy growl each time I think of it. Also, I love Japanese anime to an unreal extent. So that’s definitely the place for me. I’d visit its markets and collect as many anime as I can and have as much sushi, onigiri, yakitori as possible.

I know you already guessed it, I wouldn’t stop at just Southeast Asia, I’d travel the whole world. And while doing so, would explore all the job opportunities and get rid of my current job. It really is terrible.

Now I can go on and on stating personal benefits and interests but there is something more important I’d like to shed some light on. And that is, what good it’ll do to mankind. The most significant relief would be money saved in traveling to educational, work, or other places. Students would be able to save a good amount (as much as $1500 and year.) And could use it to repay student loans, buy books and stationery, etc. Similarly, adults would be able to put it to their own use or invest as they like. Elder citizens can use it for buying medicine, food, etc, and so on. So it can ease bettering lifestyle no matter what your age is.

Another issue that we see every now and then is cultural insensitivity. which is turning to be a major problem for our world, current, and future generations. Racial intolerance is being observed all around the world, in some places more than others. Traveling opens a persons mind to great extent and teaches him a love for mankind. He experiences care from people he doesn’t even know and learns to respect them regardless of their appearance or culture. So even if a person isn’t brought up as he should’ve, he can learn better through traveling.

A benefit for an educational field is that, automatically, the standards of education will soar high. How? Let me mention a couple of points. International competitions among schools/universities would increase and the best students from around the globe would join no matter what tier country they belong from. So would taking students on educational trips to other cities, countries. Both of these are crucial to attaining proper knowledge and education. This is because when a child that age travels around the world, he experiences things along with reading them on paper. This helps him pick up points quickly while also promoting his mind to work uniquely. The scouts will also get the most out of their training if schools took them out of their country frequently. However, such is not the case mainly due to the hefty expense of air tickets.

The unemployment issue will be reduced to quite an extent as people would be able to move between countries frequently. Countries like Germany, Switzerland, Korea top the list of countries with the least youth and they try their best to attract it from other countries. Whereas countries like Pakistan, China, India, have the most youth, creating a gap. However, fewer people move to those places as most fear being far from family. Nobody likes not being with family in good and bad times. And these crazy expensive tickets make sure you don’t get to visit them until at least a couple of years. Scary isn’t it?

This list too could continue but the fact is that “if traveling was free” is just a fictional clause. Sigh. It would only be possible on a personal level if one is being sponsored by a company, whatsoever. Which for me, is still impossible. So I’ll just imagine and enjoy (and secretly pray for such a miracle!).

If Traveling Was Free
If Traveling Was Free


Here are some of our favourite travel quotes on the internet!

1- “Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul.”

2- “Travel is an investment in yourself.”

3- “Life is short, and the world is wide.”

4- “The goal is to die with memories not dreams.”

5- “Travel. Your money will return. Your time won’t.”

6- “Of all the books in the world. The best stories are found between the pages of a passport.”


A common confusion that comes to our mind when we’re writing the world “traveling” or “traveler”, “traveled”. This is because your mind will persist that it has read “travelling”, “traveller” or “travelled” somewhere!

Well, this is merely an issue of where you live. They’re BOTH CORRECT. But if you live in the U.S., you’re more likely to spell “traveling” as it is preferred there. Same goes for the other forms.

If you’re in the U.K. or somewhere around, you can use “travelling” and other forms spelt in similar spellings as this is what’s preferred there.

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If Traveling Was Free

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