heart broken

I wish he would understand my love for him

Hey everyone
I never knew life would be so complicated for me
To get ignored by the person you love is so heartbreaking what should i do when the other person doesn’t even realize about my feelings what makes him so arrogant that he doesn’t even talk the way he used to talk with me ….

Someone come in your life suddenly and then you start sharing a bond of friendship with them but suddenly they change without any reason
Even if i ask him about his behaviour he doesn’t give me proper answers
And he doesn’t even understand how much this thing upsets me to get ignored by the person i love .

I know he is a nice guy he is really kind i know but why is he doing this with me like if he cant give love to me we both can still be good friends when he doesnt talk with me and remains quite and ignores me it is so painful and it upsets me so much even i try to ignore him so much but omg i fail so badly i cant ignore him i can only love him and be friends with him i wish he realize i wish i wishhhhh..

(Hey guys if you also have any confession or story you want to share with us do share it with us.)
Regards, FamersOnline Team

I wish he would understand my love for him

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