I was obsessed with Genies fulfilling my wishes

My obsession with genies started when I was 10 years old (now I am 22) after watching a few movies which had a genie fulfilling the wishes of the actor. I thought that I might also get a genie. Sadly I kept it to myself and never discussed it with my parents, sibling or my friends. And due to not discussing with anyone I thought genies were real. I started to search on the internet how to contact genies. Obviously, I was too young and too dumb to realize that genies don’t exist in the real world. But my obsession was something else and I was just not able to understand that genies are not real.

I started to spend time alone and started searching ways. Due to this obsession of mine I lost lots of friends because I never really went out with them anywhere or even talked to them much. I was just interested in finding ways to contact genies and get my wishes granted. I had made a full list of wishes which I wanted the genie to grant me. When I turned 14 after almost of trying to contact for 4 years I had gotten really frustrated with myself. But I was too stupid to realize that I was just wasting my time. I had even hard time focusing on my studies and which affected my grades. I had so many wishes that I always thought life would be easy just let me find a Genie once.

Shortly after my 17th birthday, I met this great girl who changed my life. In the start, it was hard for me to be a good friend to her. And like I said earlier I had lost lots of friends due to this obsession of mine I thought I will lose her as well. But she was a strong girl who didn’t leave my side.

After months of her trying get into my head and find out what exactly I am mostly busy with. She got her answer as I told her everything about my obsession with this and how I am trying to find a genie. She looked shocked and asked me if I was serious or just playing her. I told her straight away that I wasn’t playing with her and this is the real truth about my life. After this, we didn’t meet for a few days.

And I thought maybe she thought that I am just crazy and just didn’t want to keep in touch with me. But I was wrong and I found she was trying to find a way to cure this stupidity of mine. She started to explain everything to me about this world and how genie didn’t exist and they’re just in the movies. I was struggling to accept it but eventually, after months of her trying, I finally came into my senses and accepted the fact that genies aren’t real. Though I do feel stupid and regret the fact of how I wasted my childhood and my teens for this stupid obsession but I am glad I am over it now.

I was obsessed with Genies fulfilling my wishes

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