I want to talk to him, for hours and hours

Hello, guys I am back with another confession.

What to do you when you miss someone so badly. How to control yourself from getting too attached with them and love them so much.
Sometimes i really get strange feeling that maybe he gets irritated by me  but what can i do i can’t spend my day without talking to him without listening to his voice.

His voice is like a soothing melody like even i am frustrated or angry his voice makes me calm and happy.

I fear thoose days when he will not talk with me or he will get far from me
I cant even imagine how he became so important in my life. Whole night i think of his voice his lame jokes :p

But the best thing is he makes me happy in my worst days and I wish he never leaves me I want to be with him I want to talk to him everyday without any hesitation.
I wish i could call him right now and tell him what i feel ahh I feel physcho  right now what can I do.

(If you guys also have a confession or story to share do share with us and let the whole world read about it)
Regards, FamersOnline

I want to talk to him, for hours and hours

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