I Wanna Get Rid Of My Boyfriend

I Wanna Get Rid Of My Boyfriend

I have a confession to make: I HATE my boyfriend! Ok, so it all started right after I got out of high school. Came out with the very obvious mindset that having a boyfriend is cool (duh) and it also made me feel more beautiful along with the feeling of being more mature and grown-up. I just wanted to be an adult real bad (yep, how stupid!) and this was clearly the most fun and easy out of the little list of things that adults did. And so, I rushed into a relationship. It was fine for a few months but now I feel like I’m falling out of it already.. I don’t feel like loving him anymore and just wanna go out with other people and just have my freedom and fun however I like it.
The issue is that he has a history of depression and I’m sure breaking up is really going to mess him up. Need advice.

I Wanna Get Rid Of My Boyfriend
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