I Spat In My Annoying Aunt’s Soup

I know a terrible woman. She happens to be my mother’s cousin, and our place happens to be her favourite to visit. Another thing that she really loves (which makes her terrible) is pointing out each and every little piece that’s out of its place in our home.

Whenever she visits, she complains at least a few ten times about how we, as kids, are so careless to always put things where they don’t belong and NEVER to their designated place! And this is when I get urges to reply back with “so aren’t you!.. haha” But it’d just get very awkward and I’d most probably get grounded for disrespecting.

But anyway, I do get that this bothers her but I feel like if it’s so bad, then she should stay at her home and just enjoy life over there rather than coming here and troubling us, along with herself.

When I was little (about 8-9 years old), I spit in her soup once. I know it’s as disgusting as it sounds but I was SO annoyed I just had to! (Not justifying I know it’s still awful and kinda cruel)
..Just know that I feel sorry and pretty bad about what I did then.. but you can’t undo what’s done, right?

I Spat In My Annoying Aunt’s Soup

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