I ruined my Ex Valentines day date with his new Girlfriend

Hey, there FamersOnline audience I hope you all are doing great because I got a confession to make. Becoming a Famer is actually a great concept, to be honest. But even more great is ruining your Ex day and that to a valentines day date.

This happened last Valentine when I was working in a restaurant as a waitress. I had been working there for almost over 4 months and after my Ex dumped me. And I was trying to move on with my life and trying to erase all those memories with him. So like I said it was valentines day so our restaurant was fully packed and mostly with couples. All of sudden I see my ex with his new girlfriend and the moment I saw him I lost it. I was devastated and how can he have a new girlfriend and I am still finding a new boyfriend.

I tried to control my emotions but they got the best of me and I failed. So I asked my friend to take their order and also serve them. Though I didn’t tell her that he was my ex. They sat there for 15 minutes and after that, they finally placed an order. Though I was trying to concentrate on my work but I just couldn’t stop thinking about how he is there enjoying his life. Then I thought why not ruin it and that’s exactly what I did.

I intentionally asked our chef to make it extra spicy because they have order it like this. I knew my boyfriend can’t even eat a little bit of spicy food let alone this much. And also didn’t send water for them or any drink. So when the food was served. I was looking at them like how it’s going to go and well the moment both had their first bite of the burger they started to get crazy. My ex was acting like he just got fire in his mouth and started saying (I am burning) Water, please.

I was just enjoying how he was screaming in agony. Also how evil I am.

I ruined my Ex Valentines day date with his new Girlfriend

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