I reported my friends to police

Hey, guys, I have this confession which I have kept in my heart for over 2 decades. This happened in late 1999 just a month before 2000. I and my 5 friends we were all out for a party. One of my friends had bought drugs and asked us to try. I was really surprised but my other friends were quite happy about it and later I got to know that all 4 have been doing drugs for months. He asked me to try but I straight away said no.

Later when I went back home I just couldn’t digest the fact that my friends are drug addicts. They were my childhood friends and I was heartbroken over the fact that how they are and will destroy their lives. It was Christmas eve and we all decided to meet and just have a fun time. I decided that I would discuss with them about this addiction. We all have been friends since school and this was the only reason I was worried and so concerned about them.  So finally we met and I confronted them and straight away they were like dude just forget and enjoy life. It was chrismast time so we deciced to meet again. Next night we met again and this time again they started doing drugs and I really got angry at them. They asked me to just stay but I was very angry and left. And then that happened which to date I still regret and just wished If I had not done it.

I reported my friends to the police gave full details about my friend’s house where they all were doing drugs. Next day I came to know that all my friends were arrested and the case was quite bad. Unfortunately, my friends were jailed for over 10 years each. In their jail time, I used to sometime go and meet them. Luckily they never knew It was me who reported them.

Though my friends are now out of jail but they are struggling with their lives and due to this case they can’t find good jobs. I wish if only I had thought of this and not reported them to the police. I will always regret this stupidity of mine.

I reported my friends to police

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