I put Cold Wax Strips on my cheating Boyfriend

I have this confession to make. Which I am really proud that I did and I have no regret about it either. All cheating Boyfriends or girlfriends need to be punished. And this is what I did.

This happened 8 months ago when I was in a relationship with my boyfriend and I got to know that he is cheating on me with someone at his office and also later. I got to know who that girl was at first I was heartbroken that why would he need to cheat. If he is not happy why didn’t he just tell me. He always made me feel like everything is working great but soon I wiped my tears and decided to confront him.

Later that evening when he came back home I was thinking of how to confront him but he bought some gifts for me. I just couldn’t really say anything later that night when we went to bed. I just couldn’t sleep and I was constantly thinking what can I do. Obviously I can’t kill him which I wanted to but the law and my life would be ruined completely.

I got this idea of putting cold wax strips all over his body. Luckily My boyfriend sleeps in his small underwear and is a heavy sleeper as well. So I got my cold wax strips and slowly started putting over his hairy body. After I was done I just packed my stuff and left a note about how I know he is cheating on me and I am done with him. Since then I have not heard from and I am still finding someone loyal.

I put Cold Wax Strips on my cheating Boyfriend

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