I put Bird Seed on my neighbour’s car and I am proud of it.

Hi, there guys I don’t really know how this confession thing works on this website but I like the Idea of it so I am going to share one of my confessions here. Last year it was my neighbour’s wedding anniversary and they were having a party but they didn’t invite me which already pissed me off.

And on top of that, they parked their car in my driveway which pissed me even more and I wanted to just destroy their car but I controlled my anger and let it be the way it was. And at about 11 pm.

I went to bed and woke up early morning just when the sun was about to rise. And what I see is that their car still parked in my driveway and this time I was really angry and thought about doing something about it and I went to the store and bought bird seeds in a huge quantity and put all of it on their car shortly afterwards, a dozen doves were sitting and shitting on the car and making huge scratches on the car and I felt great about it.

My neighbour’s never really found out who did it but after that they never parked in my driveway.

I put Bird Seed on my neighbour’s car and I am proud of it.

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