I punctured my Boyfriend Car’s Tyres

Hey, there guys my name is Jillian. I have a confession to make its not really a bad one but yes I am guilty of it. I punctured my Boyfriend car’s tyres just because I didn’t want him home early. And the reason why I didn’t want him early isn’t I am cheating on him. It’s actually about my favourite tv show which he doesn’t let me watch peacefully. But my plan backfired let me tell you how it backfired.

So this happened on Wednesday afternoon I went to his office. I got lunch for both of us and it was his favourite Chinese takeout. He loved it and said that he was really happy. After having lunch I got up to get back to my office on my way back I saw his car. And there is when I thought why not just puncture his tyres so that he won’t return quickly. I deliberately punctured all 4 of his tyres and went back to work.

Later that evening when I was all happy that he won’t be back for at least an hour more and I will be enjoying my show. He called me and told me that some jerk punctured his tyres. I played along with him that that’s so bad why would anyone do this. He was like well no worries I have called for help they will get my car and will get it to fix and deliver at home. So why don’t you come and pick me up? I tried to say no but I just couldn’t find any reason. And I end up picking him up and also missed the whole show.

Even today he doesn’t it was me who did this all to him. I feel guilty but also I feel funny about how evil I can be and stupid also.

I punctured my Boyfriend Car’s Tyres

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