I peed in a bottle and sold it as apple juice to my neighbours.

Oh boy oh boy, where do I start. Well, I am 23 years old now but this incident about peeing in a bottle and selling it off to my neighbour is when I was 8 years old. I and my brother were always causing trouble for our family but this time we thought of causing some problems for our neighbours.

So this happened I and my brother were playing outside our house and all of sudden I had this urge to pee and I didn’t want to go inside and pee in the bathroom so I asked my brother what to do so he gives me an empty bottle and asks me to pee inside it and that’s what I did and after I was done I didn’t throw the bottle away i kept it.

And here comes our neighbour’s kid who is sort of a self-proclaimed bully and he started to ask about the bottle and we told him it was a juice he said he wanted it we said you gotta pay he said sure take 50 cents and give me we couldn’t believe it I wanted to tell the truth but my brother asked me to keep quiet and then he drank the whole bottle in front of us and we were disgusted but also were laughing hard. We didn’t tell him about it and to this day I don’t think he actually even know.

I sometimes do feel bad about what I did but i also feel he deserved it.

I peed in a bottle and sold it as apple juice to my neighbours.

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