I Never imagined I would Love him

I never imagined I would Love him

Hey I hope so you all are doing well
I have no one with whom I can share my story so I am writing it here today
My friend introduced me with a guy and we actually talked first time in an online game at first I thought the guy is too rude and arrogant but slowly I really started to feel that he is really soft-hearted and kind.

And in reality, we never met but we just talked for hours in that online game isn’t it funny.  I didn’t realize when I started having feelings for him I couldn’t even spend a day without listening to his voice that makes me smile in my worst days
Yeah I love him but he doesn’t even realize it and he knows nothing about my feelings
And I really feel sad when he doesn’t talk nicely with me like in the start he was so friendly but I don’t know what happened suddenly he doesn’t talk the way he used to talk I miss him and I love him
Then suddenly one day my friend told me that he is going to marry this year I was shaking I was heartbroken I wasn’t in my senses I couldn’t laugh I couldn’t speak but he doesn’t know anything about my love I wish he realizes how much he means for me.

I never imagined I would Love him

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