I married my best friend’s Boyfriend

Hi, I would be using a fake name for privacy issues. My confession is about how I manipulated my best friend and her boyfriend and married him. Before I share how evil I am. I would like to tell about my best friend and me how we met and how our friendship got so stronger. We met about 12 years ago when we both were in 6th standard. I had moved to a new city and got admitted to a new school. Like any new student, I had no friends and for three days I was all alone and depressed. Then came into my life my best friend who just loved me from day one and started to make me feel better. We got close really quickly and before I knew we both were regularly going to each other houses for studies or playing. We got so close
that after high school we both decided to go to the same college and both choose the same majors and which were Business and marketing.

It was during our final year when my friend met this guy and he asked her out and my friend like we always used to discuss. She came straight to me and showed me his picture and asked me if she should go out with him or not. That time I said he is very ugly but if u want to go you can try. She went out with him and then regularly started going out. After a month I came to know that he is super rich and I started to feel jealous of her. Then finally the day came when I met him in person and saw with my eyes how rich he is. I started to wish only if I was dating him and how awesome my life would be. Then I started to plan how I can lead them both to a breakup. I started to lie to my best friend about how he was trying to get close to me and how he has such a loose character. My friend without asking much believed me straight away because we both blindly trust each other. She said that she will talk to him but I said no don’t if he will do it again I will let you know myself. On the other hand, I started to tell him how my friend was cheating on him. He didn’t believe me and said there must be a misunderstanding so I quickly said “HAHAHA yes I was just messing with you” 

After a few days, I told my friend again that he tried to get close to me and not only that he is cheating on you and my friend said I want to see the evidence. I  paid a girl just to get close to him and I clicked few pictures and showed them to my friend and told her a fake story etc my friend was heartbroken and she called him to meet her. And then they got into an argument and finally, they broke up. I was sad but it was my plan so I decided to not let emotions burn me down. After their breakup, I met him and he requested me to ask her to meet him and unblock him. I said I will talk to her but I didn’t talk to her, in fact, I started to tell her how he is enjoying with other girls and made my friend hate him even more.

I met him and told him that she doesn’t want to meet him even though I knew she was missing him and wanted to patch up. After this story of mine, he said he doesn’t care anymore and I try to win his heart by saying that I know how honest you are and I would like to remain friends with you. Soon before I knew we were dating and still my friend had no idea about it. And after 3 months we both got married and my friend got to know this from a mutual friend and since then she has never contacted me or returned my calls. I think she knows that I manipulated her. I feel guilty and sad but now I can’t do anything I just don’t even know where she is now. 

I married my best friend’s Boyfriend

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