I Love My Sister’s Dog But Not Her Only Son

We are a family of four and are rather close-knit. My sister’s married and has a lovely dog and a little boy of 4. I am single and still living with my parents. She lives nearby and we get to see each other quite a lot. At times, we don’t, due to either work or personal commitments.

But these times are pretty tough on me. As I start missing.. not my sister, not my only nephew, but their dog! He’s such a good boy. He probably loves me more than I do but I have to admit, I love him the most. He tops everyone else on my list and meets me with such excitement that never fails to win my heart. He always gets treated so well by me. I play with him, take him out on a walk, and more.

The problem is that my nephew also loves me and begs me to play with him. But I simply don’t want to. I don’t know why I don’t find him cute at all, which is a quite brutal and heartless thing to admit here, to be honest.. there isn’t ‘that’ connection with him just yet and it is definitely because of my own self!

I keep telling him that I’ll play at that time or when he’s done so and so but I’ve never fulfilled my promise. I feel bad for my nephew as he is the one who should be getting all this love and attention from me. He’s a precious little child who deserves to be loved.

I just sit there with the dog on my lap and chill. My sister sometimes gets angry with me. But that’s ok for now.

I Love My Sister’s Dog But Not Her Only Son

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