I have 2 kids and I Confess that I hate them

I am 43 years old male with two Kids age 13 a boy and 10 a girl and I am ashamed of myself to say this but I hate them. Its just I don’t like the concept of these kids and all that. Sometimes I get so angry that I feel like leaving them run away somewhere far. And that is why I am here to confess this hatred of mine for my own children.

Though my wife loves them dearly its like she makes up for me as well it’s not that I beat them or don’t buy them stuff. Its just I don’t get this concept of having children and making money for them. I may need medical help maybe I am a stupid and mentally disturbed person.

I just thought of sharing this confession of mine here on FamersOnline and thought of becoming a Famer because certainly, I am not a good father.

I have 2 kids and I Confess that I hate them

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