I gave supplements to my BF to increase his weight and now I hate him

I confess that I gave food supplements to my boyfriend so that he can increase his weight. He was very skinny with literally no mass and I always hated that look of his. I asked him to join a gym and gain some weight but even the gym couldn’t help my boyfriend. Which made me really frustrated with him and we started to have big arguments over this. So one of my friends suggested to me that I should get food supplements for him.

So I bought some food supplements for him and started giving him and in a few days time, I started to notice a change in his weight. His appetite increased and he started to eat more and more. He gained over 10 Kilograms in a month and started to look better than before. But after 2 months he has gained almost 20 Kilograms and now he is slightly overweight and he doesn’t care at all he is getting really out of shape and his desire for food has increased too much and he just wants to eat and eat. He has become quite lazy as well. I have started to hate this overweight look. Because I don’t want to be with a fat guy.

Now I feel that this much be the side effects of the supplements and I am the one to be blamed for. He doesn’t even know what I did. I just hope he will lose some weight and will look representable.

I gave supplements to my BF to increase his weight and now I hate him

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