I Betrayed my best friend in Business.

This happened about 14years ago. I and my friend started a small blog. Internet was new in the world and no one really knew much about it. We started a blog which my friend used to write 90% of it. It was about financial advice. I didn’t know much about it but my friend was an expert in it. Very soon we started to receive tons of traffic and we both were super happy about it.

I thought of making money from our blog and my friend who trusted me blindly said whatever I want to do I can do it. I got our website to monetise with Google Adsense. In the start, we were making 700 dollars to 1000. We had this deal that we will take 50% of our revenue and rest 50% we will put back on our website. In the first 5 months, it was all going fine until I got greedy. My friend never really used to check or even asked me about the revenue. Slowly I started to take more than my share and he never even noticed. I started to give him as little as 10% and took 40% for myself and always told him Google isn’t paying much.

I did this for almost 2 years more and he never came to know about it. We were making over 10K but I used to tell him we are just making 3-4K. This continued until we finally sold it for 200K. We are still friends but I feel guilty and bad for what I did with him. I don’t have any guts to accept it because it will ruin our friendship. I will always regret doing this to him.

I Betrayed my best friend in Business.

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