Annoying a Baby

I Annoy Babies Because I Enjoy It

I don’t know why but I love to annoy babies. There are a lot of baby lovers around us. You see them everywhere! But I’m a different type. The type you can call ‘annoy-the-baby-till-he-cries’ lover.

As I’ve already said it, I’m someone who LOVES to annoy babies to the max. I annoy them until they start crying and then I hand them over to their parents. Not only do the parents, but also the babies hate me.

Whenever I hold a baby, I feel great. But I also feel like touching their cheeks, flooding them with kisses, just massaging their head, etc. And I just want to squeeze them! They’re that cute. And also whenever a baby’s sound asleep, I kiss him so much that he wakes up and starts crying!

This is such a bad thing to admit, but what’s worse is admitting that I actually quite enjoy it. I’ve no regrets.

I Annoy Babies Because I Enjoy It

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I Annoy Babies Because I Enjoy It

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