I am never going for Camping again

This story was sent by James.

So me and a couple of my buddies went camping last summer alongside the Willamette River we actually had a decent hike into the deep end of woods we did some night fishing listening to music and basically drank to the point where everything was funny later in the night I would guess we finally called the tonight somewhere past 2 a.m. I shared a tent with one of my buds while the other two shared another tent we heard them laughing about something at first we left at the sound of their laughing but it soon got annoying and we yelled for them to shut up one of them responded it isn’t us i sat up startled with the response I came to realize that it was a sound of only one person laughing and it didn’t sound like either one of my friends even in my drunk state I realized how odd it was for somebody to be out this far in the woods so late at night the Laughing gradually got closer and louder to our campout my friend shot up and looked at me with a worried look on his face I heard my other friends scream over to us they were getting freaked out as left and got even closer I could make it out very clearly to be the left of a male probably in his 30s or 40s it sounded like he was as drunk as us messing around with friends but we only hurt his left nobody else there was something indescribably creepy about it laughs – as if it was missing something – it you had to be there to understand what I mean the laughing was now just at the edge of our campsite but we couldn’t hear any footsteps at all now that may not seem like a big deal it was impossible to move through that without making noise and finally all of a sudden The Laughing stopped completely we had no idea where whoever that was was standing as he hadn’t made a single stepping sound he sat there in silence looking at each other my friend was clearly freaking out but he was keeping it together the best he could finally something broke the silence the sound of something rubbing against the cottony fabric of the tent we saw the outline of the hand through your moonlight pressing on the tent we both screamed at the top of our lungs before getting out of the time we ran as fast as we could through the woods our other friends following us after about five minutes of running we somehow found our car I actually cutes from running so much before taking the wheel I don’t condone drinking and driving but I still believed we were just in the situation by far the most horrific experience of my life no idea who or what the hell that was or what they wanted.

I am never going for Camping again

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