I am lying to my family about my Job.

Hi, people on FamersOnline. I hope all of you are doing great because I am very disloyal to my own family. This confession of mine maybe will make me feel a little bit easy and I will feel better.

Let’s start with the confession. I am a 28 years old guy from Ireland. I am the oldest son in my family and I have 2 younger brothers and both of them were always better in studies and sports than me. Which is why I always felt insecure and jealous of them. Both my brothers are Doctors and you can assume they make a lot of money. I hardly was able to get an undergraduate degree in economics. But to this day I am struggling to find a stable and high paying job. I only make 30 thousand Euros per year. But in front of my family, I act like I make over 70 thousand and I am an employee of a very big company. But the reality is that I am an employee of a very small company and I am employed as a small-time assistant. I hardly meet my family even on holidays. I don’t even have any girlfriend and I live in a very small 1 bedroom apartment outside the main city and never let my family visit me.

This is the confession I had and I hope I would find a good high paying job. And I would be able to meet my family more.

I am lying to my family about my Job.

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