I am jealous of my best friend’s success

Hey, FamersOnline community hello. I have a confession to make and that is that I am jealous of my best friend’s success. I don’t hate him or don’t want him to be unsuccessful. It makes me insecure and I feel like a utter failure in my life. He is a very successful businessman.

Whereas I am 29 years old and still unemployed. I don’t know how to stay away from him or tell him that the more I see him the more I feel bad. It’s just that I want him to be out of my life. So that I could live my life with peace. But obviously, that is not easy because he is my best friend and I can’t just ask him to get out of my life. I just wish if only he himself would get away from me. Due to him, my own family is never shy of taunting me and telling me how he is so successful and I am a worthless human being.

So, guys, this was my confession. Hopefully, my friend will just kick me out of his life. So we both could live peacefully in our respective lives.

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I am jealous of my best friend’s success

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