I am in love with my friend’s husband

My confession is simple I am in love with my friend’s husband.
I have been in love with him even before they got married. The issue is that we both met him at the same time and we both started to like him.
My friend, she is smart and very clever unlike me who wastes a lot of time.

When we first met she never told me clearly how much she was interested in him. In fact, she actually never even told me a little bit. Due to my job I had to on 2 weeks trip to another city. When I came back I came to know that both of them have decided to get married. I was really heartbroken.
But I didn’t say anything and just kept quiet.

After they got married and I had to attend it because she was my really good friend. I came to know how much she mistreats him and how she manipulated him. She only married him because of his big bank balance. I always knew how clever minded she is but never thought she would be this evil. She herself confessed this to me and I feel so bad. I just wish he would divorce her and end this relationship. But that doesn’t look like happening anytime soon. Loving your friend’s husband is a real pain. You constantly have to see him because of your friend. Then you also have to see him suffer and being used but you can’t do anything.

This is my confession. Thank You FamersOnline for the platform.

I am in love with my friend’s husband

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