I am cheating on my Boyfriend for 3 years

I was just scrolling through my twitter feed and found this website and going through the website I came across this page Become a Famer which lets you share your stories or confessions and so I decided why not I share my confession which is eating me up for years now and which is how I am cheating on my Boyfriend for 3 years and still I am in relationship with him. I feel bad and guilty but I just can’t leave him also.

This all started 3 years ago when I first met my boyfriend at a party and got to know each other I wasn’t really into him but just for the sake of being nice I started talking to him and I started to enjoy his company but just after that I met this another dude who was super hot and I just knew I wanted him but I didn’t interact with him that much that night after the party my boyfriend who wasn’t my boyfriend that time got my number from one of my friends and asked me to meet and I agree to meet him and after two dates we decided to move in together and I was also kind of happy because he was just too nice and gentle and that time I wasn’t really thinking about that hot dude.

Things were going quite smoothly for us just one day at the supermarket I ran into that hot dude and all of sudden all my memories from that party came back and without hesitating much I told him I saw you at the party and he was like yeah yeah I also remember you and we exchanged phone numbers and despite knowing what I was doing was wrong I just couldn’t stop myself and we started talking daily.

One day he invited me over and we slept together at first I felt really bad and I told him that I have a boyfriend and he said he doesn’t care and we can have this secret relationship as long as I want and guys its been three years and almost I meet this dude 6-7 times a month and still my boyfriend is clueless because he trusts me so much I feel guilty but I just can’t over this hot dude. I hope one day I would be able to confess this crime of mine to my boyfriend.

I am cheating on my Boyfriend for 3 years

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