I am a boy and I went into girls washroom

Firstly I would like to introduce myself I am a guy age 24 and this confession mine is not really something I am guilty of or I did it intentionally it just happened. I was at this University for an event. Yes, obviously I am embarrassed. As a guy entering girls washroom is the worst thing I have ever done

The event was about the discussion on depression and related things and I was really nervous to speak in front almost 1000 students and well when I am nervous I tend to have a weak bladder and I had almost 30 min to go for my speech so I decided to go to the washroom.

While I was leaving the hall one of my friends called me and we started talking and due to that call I wasn’t really focusing anywhere as I was already so nervous about the speech I really needed a friend who could make me feel comfortable and while talking to him I had no idea I was entering the girls washroom.

Though I did felt a bit change because it was really clean and different but I thought maybe it’s just because of University. I said goodbye to my friend and entered the toilet and while using it I heard noises of girls and I was like what are girls doing here. I was just confused then I thought maybe someone is playing something on his mobile phone. But more and more girls were coming and gossiping like girls do and then I realised maybe I am inside the girls’ washroom and everything started to make sense. But I was terrified like how can I get out off here. I waited for 15 minutes and I knew my speech time is also coming near and near and I have to be in the hall then voices got a little lower but there were still some girls.

I decided that I can’t wait any longer so I just opened the door and ran like a crazy dog out of the washroom and went straight inside the hall and sat there for 20 minutes and then I was called on the stage for my speech and I gave my speech it went well and after that I never went back into that University and I still have no idea that did anyone saw me or not.

I am a boy and I went into girls washroom

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