I Accidentally Hit Hedge Trimmer On My Bro’s Head

I Accidentally Hit Hedge Trimmer On My Bro’s Head

Today is the worst day of my life. THE WORST.

My brother and I are in our teens, just 3 years apart and so needless to say, we fight on a little too many things, a little too many times.

Today we had a huge, scary fight and I don’t even remember why it started or how. I just remember him saying mean things to me and my responses were also spiteful. We were cursing each other and soon started throwing stuff at each other. We ran and went out in the patio. And alas! A hedge trimmer was laying there and I just threw it straight at my brother!! As soon as I threw it, it struck to me that I had done something very VERY WRONG. There was a split second filled with dreadful silence and out came the blood, flowing down his face. IT HIT HIM ON THE HEAD!

We rushed to the hospital and the doctors said that he had gotten a serious wound. He got some stitches and he’s still admitted in there.

God knows I never intended to throw it at him or hurt him. I feel so awful right now. I could never forgive myself for such a monstrous act ever! But I really hope he forgives me. I’ll promise him to never fight again.

I Accidentally Hit Hedge Trimmer On My Bro’s Head
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