Hurt My Brother More than I Intended To

I and my younger brother share an Xbox (which btw, is a pain). We always take turns of half n hour and our mum’s always the timekeeper. Sometimes, when one’s time is up, he isn’t willing to hand over the seat to the other and so, it starts a fight. My mom comes to the rescue and ends the fight in an instant by grounding us or giving some light punishment.

Today my mom said that after lunch, I’ll play first but my brother had some other plan in mind. He started playing before me! It pissed me off so much but I calmly asked him to stop playing and hand it over to me. He didn’t. Now there was only way left.. to fight.

I punched him in the face and we started fighting. Before my mum got upstairs to us, the fight had already ended. This is because I accidentally hit my brother’s forehead with a racket and it started bleeding a little.

I was so shocked! I couldn’t understand anything as I saw his blood seeping down his forehead. He was already crying and I tried to silent him but I too started crying.

My mom panicked on seeing what’s happened. But she soon got herself together, we cleaned the wound with a disinfectant but the blood wouldn’t stop. Eventually, we took him to the hospital and got him bandaged.

When we got back home my mom snapped at me and have grounded me for a week. But that’s not what I care about. I’m just really sad that I hurt my little brother. He didn’t deserve this at all.

Hurt My Brother More than I Intended To

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