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How she fought depression after her mother passed away

Anh Nguyen

This story was sent by Marceline

I was 14 years old when my mother passed away in a road accident for the first few months I just never wanted to believe she is gone forever, I thought she might return, but soon I realize that she ain’t coming and I just have to accept this fact and move on with my life. I was the only child so I had no siblings and due to that I was even more lonely and I was getting more and more depressed and felt like ending my life I was never really close with my father and even after my mother’s death this thing didn’t change I wasn’t talking to him much though he always told me to share whatever is bothering me. I just forgot how to smile or enjoy my life I just didn’t know what fun is or what life is and soon I realise that I was suffering from a severe depression, but still couldn’t do or say anything to anyone  even at school, I preferred, to stay alone and due to this I had no close friends and which I now feel was one of my mistakes. But soon everything changed for me and which made me stronger and positive. This happened just before my 17th birthday I was out with my father when we met an old friend of my father, my father had not seen him in years and well as expected, they both got really excited and started to talk about all sorts of things well I was to be honest getting really annoyed and was unhappy because I just wanted to go home and be alone. Soon he started to ask me questions about how school is going and what are my future plans and I tried my level best to not look awkward while answering him and after he said Marceline would like to help at my NGO which I run for homeless kids, I could really use your help there and even before I could answer my dad replied by saying, of course, she would love to help and I said why not so he gave me the address and said visit any time you want. Well to be honest with you guys I wasn’t really interested in going its just that I hated being around anyone I always liked being alone, but anyways next morning I somehow made my mood and went to the orphanage I had just entered the building and I heard someone calling my name and it was my father’s friend he was quite happy to see me there. I asked him so what can I do to help, he said if I could spend some time with kids who were literally just 6-8 years old, hardly and also teach them some basic Maths and English I said sure well guys the moment I entered the room where these little angels were sitting it was that very moment I actually realise that these are children who have never seen their parents or their parents had left them before this I was so much dwell in my own thoughts despite knowing that It’s an orphanage, I was just not thinking about how much painful it must be for these kids and guys I swear I started crying and then I realise that all this time I was just not even trying to think about the blessings I still had like I still had my father who loved me dearly and guys after that day I was a changed person and tried my level best to not get depressed.

Guys I know some of you have way bigger problems but guys still you need to stay positive and fight depression.

How she fought depression after her mother passed away

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