How she fought depression after her mother passed away

Anh Nguyen

This story was sent by Marceline

I was 15 years old when I lost my mother in a horrific road accident. And for the first few months, I couldn’t accept the fact that she was gone. Gone forever. I kept running from the reality, hoping that she might, one day, come back. But as time passed, I realized that she wasn’t and this completely shattered me. Her absence was strongly felt by me not just because it was too tragic, early and unexpected, but also because I was the only child and had a very strong bond with her and her only.

She meant the world to me. I didn’t connect well with my dad and was pretty distant. Maybe because the time we spent together was very less due the nature of his job that required short trips abroad. Although, especially after mom’s death, he wanted us to get close and wanted to spend more time with me and showed extra affection to ease my pain. But it didn’t help.

I didn’t wanted to live anymore. It was just too much pain for me to take. I didn’t want to interact with anyone at all and so this made me stay at home more and distant myself from my friends. I felt that it the best option for me as no one would understand my pain.

I was living hopelessly and aimlessly. But only until I was 18. On my 18th birthday something so special happened that I never expected would have such a positive effect on me, and would change my views on life. I was out with my dad at our favorite restaurant and my dad bumped into an old friend of his who he hadn’t seen in quite a while.

They talked about all sorts of things and were having a lot of fun. I just wanted to get out of there because he then started asking me about my life, activities, future plans, goals, etc and I tried my best to not give any awkward answers. And then all of a sudden, he goes like “Marceline, you can be of great help to my NGO that I run for homeless kids. Do you wanna join?” And before I could answer, my dad instantly replied, saying, “she’d love to!” And I agreed with him. And so he gave us the address and said that he’d love me to visit anytime I can. And so the next day, even though I wasn’t interested, I got ready and visited the orphanage.

As soon as I entered it, I heard someone calling my name joyfully. And I turned to see that it was my uncle! He was very glad to see me and this made me feel good. So I asked him how I could be of some help and he asked me to spend some time playing with the kids so that I’d get to know them. As soon as I saw them, my heart melted. They all were so innocent, jolly, and simple. And they had one thing in common with me, lost parent.
When I saw them I realized that I had so much more. I was blessed with a loving and caring dad. I had a home that was mine. I was getting a good degree, and much more! All of these thoughts had me in tears.
So then I got to know them and soon developed a special bond with them. I helped them paint and told them stories. Talked to them, helped them in their studies. Had fun with them. And I still do! Now that I’m working, I don’t usually get the chance to visit them daily so I visit them at weekends or so. Ever since then, I’ve become very close to my dad. And I cherish the little things in life. All the blessings, all the love. And so to me, this is my life, this is my world.

How she fought depression after her mother passed away

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