How Makeup Ruined my Life

How Makeup Ruined my Life

Hello, Boys and Girls. I would like to share a confession which also could be used as an advice for every young girl who is about to learn about makeup.

Till about two years ago, I was a makeup and fashion addict. Looking best at all times was crucial to me and so I used to spend almost all of my earnings buying makeup and outfits. I had millions of makeup products but they were never enough and I was never satisfied with my collection. I could never resist buying the outfits I saw on mannequins as I passed the shops.
Yes, I was obsessed. I loved trying out all the new fashion trends and even set them.

But I wasn’t only wasting my money but my time my health as well.
My habit wasn’t a good one, as it did no good. I always knew that this addiction and this insecurity of mine is gonna cause lots of problems in the future but still I was unable to let it go.  I used to get late to college, work, appointments, parties, etc. And although it didn’t bother me at first, but soon I realized that this was the only thing delaying me as I started losing a few job opportunities, etc due to being late. Even if I started getting ready before hand, I would still be unable to get there on time. And when I had hell of a credit card debt on my head and due to me getting late I had lost jobs as well. I went into depression and its when I decided to do something about this addiction.

And so, one day I decided that from nowonwards I will go out without wearing any makeup or very little makeup and too  which will make me look presentable. And trust me guys at first it was a very tough  for me, as I wasn’t confident at all so it took a lot of thought and time to get back on track and being ‘normal’.  But now I’m glad that I took this decision and didn’t fall out of it as now I’m a lot less stressed (and saving a lot of money!).

(Hey FamersOnline community if u guys also have a Story, Confession or an Advice to share just do share with us and Become a Famer)

How Makeup Ruined my Life

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