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How Is Samsung Better Than iPhone?

iPhone vs Samsung. The tech debate war that was initiated in 2009, when Samsung, who was supplying iPhone chip to Apple, launched its own smartphone. And the way its hot// this argument heats up each time one comes out with a new device, you best believe that it’ll continue for the rest of our lives!

In the beginning, Apple was undoubtedly way ahead of Samsung. In a way, that iPhones had much smoother, faster operating systems and so, were better in performance. This was pretty obvious as Apple’s first smartphone came a couple years before Samsung’s. But with time, and some tens of new devices, both have evolved quite a bit. One, in my opinion, more than the other!

Although the gap between Apple and Samsung was quite a lot in the beginning but now it has narrowed down to a mere difference. This is because Samsung evidently paid more attention/worked harder. Bringing in many smart updates, innovations, etc. Whereas recently, Apple isn’t living up to most people’s expectations.

Below are a few of those many points of why Samsung is a much better option than iOS:

1- Operating System

Operating system is the category that Samsung has aced in. Their latest system is Android 11 and its extremely smooth and fast. It doesn’t slow down with time,

2- Customization of Apps and Sounds

This is a field in which Samsung has always stayed ahead in. They are well-known for their customization options. Users can personalize almost everything on their Samsungs! Whereas Apple lags far behind in this. Such that, it doesn’t even let you set Gmail as a default email which tbh, is quite pathetic.
Launchers are apps in Android that let you completely customize your Home Screen, reminders, app interaction, display, and more.
Sounds in Android, for calls, texts, notifications, etc can all be adjusted separately, according to user’s preference. This proves to be of much help when you’re trying not to get disturbed by notifications/texts while not compromising on calls.
These features adds a very unique, personalized touch to the mobile that most users love.

3- Google Assistant vs Siri

Samsung uses Google Assistance that’s just like Siri but a million times better! It’s literally at the top of the list. The percentage correct answers by Google Assistant and Siri is 92.9% and 83.1% respectively.
Google assistant fetches far more relevant info than Siri does. This is due to the Assistant’s access to Google database. It’s faster, more efficient.

4- Split-screen Mode

A remarkable feature that’s in Samsung from as early as 2016 and Apple still doesn’t have it. Samsung users can multitask much more conveniently than iPhone’s as they wouldn’t have to switch between apps or go back and forth with them. This makes jotting down notes, replying while watching videos, etc easier.

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How Is Samsung Better Than iPhone?

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