How In Quarantine You Can Help Your Country
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How In Quarantine You Can Help Your Country

Quarantine is a period which personally I never thought will have to live through.

Doing something for the benefit of your country is every citizen’s responsibility. It is something that’ll come back to you and benefit you in one way or the other. Our country is as special and vital for us as is our home. It is also the home for our kids and future generations. It’s something that we proudly own and feel the safest at.

Normally doing little things for your country isn’t as tricky as it is now. As it is best to avoid gatherings at all costs. But with all this free time at our hand, and hurting news of our country and it’s peoples’ loss. Here are a few quick and easy things that we can do that’ll make a big difference:

1- Clean Your Neighborhood

Sitting at home all day, from several days, gets us all on edge. We feel like we need to get out of the house or we’ll go insane! And the safest and most pleasant thing that comes to our mind is to go out for a walk or exercise lightly in a park.

Now that we have that in mind, if we put in a little effort and grab a garbage bag with us and some disposable gloves, we can go out on a cleaning mission! Clear up as we walk along a path or forest. Or just a portion of the park you’re going to, or a part of uninhabited land.

Waste pollution is turning out to be a major issue for most countries. And these little steps will slowly but gradually prove to be amazing for our country.

2- Plant Trees

Deforestation is a rising problem. People are cutting down forests to make furniture or space for homes. This, in turn, raises concerns for global warming and climate change.

Whenever you’re out in the woods or have a patch of land near you, just go ahead and plant some seeds here and there. They’ll grow on their own and grow up to replace at least some of the lost forest. Trees also are great air purifiers and hence provide their surroundings with fresh, clean air.

3- Buy Local Products

Small businesses are in grave danger during these testing times and due to we all being in quarantine its even in more danger. Not only the virus but we all in quarantine have caused them severe damage. Even moderately sized businesses are facing severe losses.

If you buy products from these or made locally, you’ll be profiting the markets of your country and your people. The plus points of it also included no hefty shipping charges and you may find better quality products. You just never know!

4- Donate Blood/Plasma

Blood donation has forever been a very important and much-needed part of the health care sector of countries. It is not only needed during numerous life-threatening operations but also in accidents and replacement of patients’ blood.

If you’re healthy, be a donor and try to donate blood regularly. Blood donation has scientifically proven to make the donor healthier too. It’s just a win-win situation.

The plasma of recovered COVID patients is needed in the treatment of other COVID patients. So if you are one of the recovered one, make sure to donate some of your precious plasma and save lives.

5- Donate Money If You Can

If you’re earning and have some extra money left at the end of the month, donate some of it. Thousands of people have lost their jobs in these testing times and they look up to your help! People who’re working from home are saving more than they usually would. Please help them out and send some money.

Quarantine has been really tough and rough for all of us but I do believe that by doing all these things we can somehow feel the peace we want.

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How In Quarantine You Can Help Your Country

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