How I Almost Burned the whole Forest

How I Almost Burned the whole Forest

Hello, Guys how are you all? Hope you all are doing fine. Well, before I start with my confession. I would like to give an advice to every parents out there please make sure your kids ain’t playing with any dangrous things.

So guys here is my confession.

When I was a kid, I loved playing outdoor with my best friend. And one afternoon, we decided to play in the forest that was nearby our house and little did we know that we were gonna light up the forest (well, just some of it). Bascially ever since I came to know about matches. I was just too much obsessed with them. And I always used to have them in my pockets and used to do different sorts of experiments with them. Like any other day I had few packs of matches in my pocket and along side my friend we went into forests.

And started to play with matches and I had like 4 packets and we thought why not you light up few plants well obviously I was just too dumb to realize that how dangrous that could be. But soon  we realized how bad of an idea it was as it instantly started a fire. We panicked and ran away as fast as we could and never told anyone about it. Fortunately, the  forest fire was not disastrous or damaging. But police and fire trucks were called in by our town. And they were able to tackle down the fire.

However, I remember being terrified for a few days and had nightmares about it. To be honest with you all it scarred me for life I am so afraid of matches even today as a grown women I can’t use match sticks. But I thank God every time I get reminded of it because I know that it could’ve proved to be disastrous and caused harm to the life in forest and the life near it. But, it didn’t and I’m grateful for that. And I would like parents to read this as an example how it can not only be dangrous for the forest and people but for me as well and somewhere It didn’t caused any harm to the forest or any people but it did scarred me.

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How I Almost Burned the whole Forest

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