How I Accidentally Damaged My Brother's Laptop

How I Accidentally Damaged My Brother’s Laptop

Confession about accidentally damaging the laptop

Hi everyone, my name’s Derek and I’m 14 years old. Me and my older brother David, 16, share a room and there’s just one thing that I ain’t allowed to touch and that is his laptop.

There’s nothing more alluring to me than that laptop and the reason why I’m so attracted towards it is the game, FIFA, that my brother plays almost all the time and hardly ever lets me play it. Yesterday, David went out with his friends for football practice and I couldn’t resist switching on the laptop and decided to make the most out of this opportunity. I took snacks and started playing FIFA.

After some time I got so involved in the game that I accidentally smacked down the cola can and it spilt on its the keyboard and alas! I abruptly shut down the laptop and sat there, stunned, for a few moments unable to process what had just happened then I got up and unplugged it.

I couldn’t think of anything so I tried to clean the keyboard using tissue papers. I was trembling and just fled out of my home. After some time my head started clearing up a bit and so I googled what to do if such a thing happens. Although some of the possible outcomes were terrifying, I went back and tried to thoroughly clean it.

My brother came back exhausted and went straight to sleep. He hasn’t noticed it yet and I’m constantly praying it to be perfectly fine otherwise everyone at home is gonna be mad at me as it is his 16th birthday’s gift from mom and dad.

But if the laptop turns out to be ok (and hopefully it will!) I’ve promised myself to never EVER touch it again without permission.

How I Accidentally Damaged My Brother’s Laptop

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