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How Confessions Reading Made Me The Laziest Person Ever

Guy’s Trust me when I say but I have read the majority of the confessions here on this website.

My mom says (and I totally agree) that I’m the laziest person she’s ever seen. I sometimes not even reply back to some important messages or emails just because I’m lazy and later make up some excuses for it. I choose anything that I wouldn’t have to do straight away over the things that I’d have to do right then. No matter what it is.

How Confessions Reading Made Me The Laziest Person Ever
Confessions made me the laziest Person


Doing things is just not my thing. Even for simpler stuff, I have to gather up motivation and energy to get up and do it. And getting out of the house to do something is a big NO for me!

My mom hates seeing me like this so got me enrolled in dancing classes. When I asked her why she that it’ll have a good impact on my health. And when I asked how, she had a long list of things starting from physical exercise, socializing, to increase appetite, better sleep, and what not!

My confession is that right now, I have a dancing class to attend. But I’m sitting here, reading other peoples’ confessions. And also writing down my own, which by the way, is an achievement for a lazy being. To write.

Also, I’ve been skipping the last three consecutive classes too, because I’m too lazy. I just have this urge to read all these confessions because they are super addictive. Every day I decide that I won’t visit this website but before I know it I am on this website reading confessions. Hopefully, soon I will concentrate on my studies and other stuff.

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How Confessions Reading Made Me The Laziest Person Ever

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