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How Can We Increase Our Immunity?

Immunity and how to increase Our life is a result of many biological functions. As our body is a unit in which many complex systems work hand in hand to make life possible. Each one of these have their own importance. However, Immune system is critical to overall health and well-being. And thanks to Covid-19, a strong immune is needed now more than ever!

This system is made up of two main parts: the innate and adaptive. Innate being the one responsible for fighting off intruders before they release toxic substances or start and infection. They form a barrier and don’t allow bacteria to enter from external environment. Whereas Adaptive comes in handy when Innate fails to stop them. It defends our body from harm by preventing growth of pathogens.

Health is wealth. This is a well-known proverb that most people, especially the ones who are suffering from any type of illness, can vouch for. And no matter what the disease, precaution is always deemed better than cure.

The first thing to do if you want to increase your immunity is to balance your diet. As it has a major effect on your immune system and will instantly elevate it. This, along with the others are listed below:

1- Increase Fluid Intake

Water makes up about 70% of our body and cells about 80%, depending on its type and function. So we know how necessary it is for our organs when carrying out functions. Same is the case with immune system. Adequate water intake result in optimum cell health and so, will function better and stronger than when it was dehydrated.

Other than cell composition, a well-hydrated body is also a well-detoxed one. Water flushes out toxins and bad bacteria. Oxygen is also supplied throughout, which leads to a healthier internal environment of body and hence, a stronger immune system.
The recommended amount of water is min 8-10 glasses a day. Fresh juices are also good boosters for your health.

2- Foods That Have Probiotics

Probiotics are naturally occurring living organisms that are found in some (mostly fermented) foods. They can be yeasts or health-friendly bacteria. Probiotics aid our immune system a good deal. They inhibit growth and may even kill harmful bacteria and make it difficult for them to settle in our body.
They also modulate the function of dendritic cells and some lymphocytes and by doing so, regulate our immune responses.
Some foods that contain probiotics are: yogurt, pickles, kimchi, miso.

3- Sleep

Getting daily sufficient sleep is a total challenge as you become an adult. There just seems to be a lot of things to do in so less time. And sleep is the first thing that either goes away, or is least prioritized. However, its importance is such that it enhances our innate and adaptive immunity. The production of cytokines is at its peak when we’re sleeping. And these cytokines not only act as messengers of our immune system but also work to strengthen it a good deal. It also sharpens our immune memory and it’s sense to recognize and react.
People who sleep for less than 6-7 hours a day we’re found to be more prone to a vast range of illnesses, especially cold and flu.
So make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep daily and if possible, a nap ranging from half n hour to an hour in between!

4- Regulate Stress

Stress and immunity have a deep connection with each other. Unfortunately, this connection is an inverse one. If one increases, the other decreases. Stress causes unnecessary inflammation in our body. Apart from that, it promotes the production of a hormone corticosteroid, which is known as the stress-hormone. This suppresses the immune activity and hinders it’s functions.
A few natural ways to reduce stress include meditation, deep breathing exercises, morning walks, praying, following a sleep schedule, biofeedback, etc.

5- Exercise Regularly

Exercise has an amazingly positive overall effect on our body. It refreshes our mind and pumps blood flow in our body, hence making us feel energized. This blood flow help with mobility of WBCs and so, harmful intruders and injuries are detected quicker than usual. This leads to a quicker, more efficient immune system response and treatment.
Exercise also keeps all the other systems working well and so lessens the burden on immune system.
Easy to moderate exercise is best recommended. But for best results, one should be committed on doing it consistently. Twice or thrice a week is also fine. Just try not to over do it as it does more harm than good.
Jogging, bicycling, walking, going to the gym will do.

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How Can We Increase Our Immunity?

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