How $37.98 Investment Changed Kat Sullivan’s Life

Started her first business with an investment of a bare minimum of $37.98, while also being unemployed, inexperienced, and pregnant- A total boss we say!

Psst! She also got her husband to retire and help her with her business.

Kat Sullivan is the owner of some very prosperous businesses that have provided people all around with immense help and support.

And here we bring to you, her detailed success story that has the enormous potency to motivate millions.

It all started in 2009, after being laid off with a background in Consumer Finance, she was unemployed and pregnant.

As the conditions stated are considered very unfavourable when companies are looking for recruits, and so needless to say, no one would hire her. She and her husband then moved to a place which was much more affordable so that they could live off husband’s living.

As she had a lot of free time at hand, along with compassion towards work, she learnt basic HTML. Then started and designed herself a mom blog. A hobby which soon started generating some profits.

These profits came mainly from posting on social media. She regularly started posting fun and motivational content on Facebook and Twitter. Her consistency brought her a good amount of audience which lead to her getting sponsors. Her first sponsor being a hairbrush company, Spornette.

This was all when influencer market wasn’t even a thing. Then she started earning some real money by working with bigger companies like Walmart, Disney, and more, to promote and showcase them on her blog and social media.

On seeing her wonderful work, her friends and fellow bloggers asked her to work for them and update their websites like hers. She took up these projects which lead her to make an investment as such:

$11.99 for a domain
$6.99/ mo for hosting
$19 for website theme
Equalling $37.98 in total. This being her life-changing investment.

She learnt WordPress and as she was new to it, the website she created wasn’t visually as pleasing but it functioned really well.

Along with this, she also advertises her blog and social media skills on Craigslist and other such platforms. She had 4 clients sighed in under 48 hours! She also took up some free gigs just to gain experience and get a hang of things.

She then took admission in a night college to complete her BA degree. And so this gave rise to an unbelievably tough routine. Bunch of clients, tons of free work, 2 kids under 2, and studies!

Finally graduated Summa Cum Laude with a major in Psychology and a minor in Bible and Technology. With this, her client’s type went from startups, bloggers to pro athletes, best-selling authors, celebrities even an NBC TV show!

Soon after, the routine got very tiring and so she had to drop her services offering. And as the demand for social media operation education was soaring, she started an educational platform named MrktgSolved.

Another milestone achieved, one after the other. And through all of this, her husband always by her side. She then convinced him to resign from his corporate job and started a software company named Tassi, all by themselves.

This inspiring story is told by Kat Sullivan herself with the pure intention of motivating people who are currently struggling in these tough times with their businesses. This is a perfect real-life example of how a small investment can make such a big impact!

How $37.98 Investment Changed Kat Sullivan’s Life

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