Horror Night at Motel


I was 18 years old at the time working at a motel. The motel wasn’t really an ideal place for an eighteen years old guy to be working. But unfortunately, I couldn’t really get a job anywhere else.

So coming back to my story. The majority of people who stayed there were locals that were just doing things they weren’t supposed to be doing. I never understand why is our motels so much used for every illegal. For my job their well I used to  worked as both a front desk person checking in these creeps all hours of the night and as a housekeeper.

One night, I was working as a housekeeper in the second building of the motel on the backside furthest from the main office. I always hated working over there because it not only had the most worn down rooms but it was always pretty vacant over there and way too quiet for comfort.

I began cleaning one of my last rooms and wanted to get done in a hurry because it was getting late and wanted to go home ASAP and sleep. I was watching the mirror in the room that I was cleaning when all of a sudden I saw a man in the reflection staring at me he was in his  mid-50s dirty with long greasy hair. I screamed oh my God I told him he scared me and he asked him that he  should just leave the room. I kept cleaning the mirrior  but he like was still standing their like he didn’t even hear what I just said to him.

There was no reason why this man should have been in there watching me clean because that wasn’t even his room. However I kept cleaning. Few days back we had a meeting on customer satisfaction and my boss was really pressuring us to be more polite and help the guests any way we could. So once again  I asked him cautiously that if he needed anything. So I can give him anything towels or whatever he needed.

The man just stared back at me with a crooked grin and held out his hands to me. I thought maybe he was handing me a tip for cleaning his room earlier but when I looked down I saw he was holding a hundred dollar bill. Alarm started going off in my head no one tips a hundred dollars on a forty dollar a night room. The man just smiled and said his name was Terry he said he was staying in the room next door with his wife Cherie and sort of joked about their names rhyming.

When I asked him why he was trying to hand me $100 he left deep in his throat and said in my wife were watching you and we just wanted to have fun with you. I felt like my heart jumped into my throat um no I can’t do that sir I’m sorry. At that moment I just wanted  to run out of the room screaming. But he was blocking the door which was my only exit. The man smiled again talking on a softer tone of voice and invited me again to come into his room to meet his wife. I nervously told him no again and that I had a lot of work to do. I prayed to God he would just go away and eventually he did he grunted and walked off. And what I assumed to be the direction of his room.

I came back to the main office and quickly after finishing my work I left for home. And took 3 days off because I was so scared that without a break I couldn’t see myself working like a normal person. When I went back to work I found that two of our guys went missing and according to others they both went missing from same building and that building was the same where that creep offered me 100 bucks.

I quickly thanked God and started to feel real sad and scared from that motel. And soon I quit my job their and even to this date I have no idea were those guys ever found?

Horror Night at Motel

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