We set park on FIRE by smoking cigarettes

Hi, I am a 16 years old girl and this confession of mine like other kids I always wanted to try to smoke cigarettes I got this chance with one of my friend.

we used to meet once a day in our near park to smoke a cigarette. We always put the snags in a plastic bag and throw them in a rubbish bin.
A few days ago a fire occurred in that park. One of our cigarettes kept glowing and set the bin on fire, a few trees and some bushes got also burnt down and now the police and everyone is looking for those persons who set the fire.
It’s a disaster, we can’t go to our parents because they didn’t allow us to smoke and if they would find out, all hell breaks loose.

I hate and regret every moment of that day but at the same time i don’t have guts to admit my mistake.

We set park on FIRE by smoking cigarettes

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