Got Unwarrantedly Slapped By Mom But It Was Worth It

I’m Tom, 20, and I have a brother who’s forever been very annoying. Throwing it back to when we were younger. I was about 7 years old and he was 4. We took a family trip to Dubai and our hotel had an indoor swimming pool in which we were very excited to swim. Although we didn’t know how to, we were just really excited to ‘swim’ in the kid’s pool. One day, we went to the pool. We changed to our swimsuits, took a quick shower and were waiting by the pool for our dad to come. Mom was with us.

We were standing almost at the edge of the big swimming pool and my pea-brained brother decided to give it a ‘closer’ look. He bent towards it to focus, slipped, fell into the deep water. Keeping in mind that we didn’t know how to swim.

Within the blink of an eye, my mom grabbed him and pulled him out of the water, saving him. And within another blink of an eye, she slapped me, twice in a row, punishing me for something I didn’t even do!

She shouted at me saying that I pushed him. I said I didn’t but she just didn’t believe me (or even listen to me). My stupid bro also just stood there crying like he really is the victim instead of telling her the truth.

He kept looking at me and crying. I was so pissed at him and angry. I looked at my mom. As soon as she turned, I pushed him back into the water! This time, I did it. And I said see mommy! He jumped again!! This time, my mom believed me. And now it was his turn to get slapped. And he did get what he deserved- for his stupidity and for pretending that I pushed him.

Mom was now furious and then just took us back to our room. She was really upset with us and didn’t talk to us the whole noon.

Whenever I remember this story I always find it very funny. So hungry for revenge as a child. But I think I did the right thing. now I’m so very content! Otherwise, I would’ve had a grudge against my little brother.

Got Unwarrantedly Slapped By Mom But It Was Worth It

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