How I Got lockdown in School

This horrific incident took place during mid 80s, in Detroit, Michigan. It was a boring, tedious Tuesday at school. The only excitement was of the spring holidays that were around the corner. Little did we knew that we are gonna get lockdown in school.

It was our history class, the second last class of the day, and we were all dull and tired already. We didn’t feel like studying and fortunately, our teacher didn’t too. He was super chilled and laid back with his students so we decided to play/ tell stories. As soon as we started playing, our school speakers turned on and the principal made an announcement to the staff and students, in a very frantic and panicked voice, that they should immediately go into lockdown and that this wasn’t a drill but an actual threat.

We instantly got chills and were terrified. Our teacher turned off the lights and locked our classroom’s door straight away. And rushed all of us to the back of the class, and shushed us.

Soon after, the continuous, faint buzzing from the loudspeakers was no more heard, indicating that the school might have cut the power off.
We were all really frightened as we were sure by now that this was really serious and had no idea what kind of a threat it would be.

After about a couple of minutes, that felt like eternity, we heard loud banging on the locker doors that were in the hallway and a lunatic man shouting at the top of his lungs, repeatedly saying, “I’m gonna kill you all!!!”
Hearing this made our hearts pound and we turned pale with terror. Some of us even started crying as the voice grew louder and louder, and hence, more terrifying each second. He was approaching our class. And soon the banging was heard on our door. Most of us started screaming, and crying and along with the deadly banging he shouted “OPEN THE DOOR!”

After some time, he continued his way along the corridor, and within 5 minutes he was no longer heard. The school authorities immediately informed the police and they got here instantly and searched the campus, but couldn’t find him. The principal made another announcement, and said that somehow, an apparently mentally ill man broke into the campus and assaulted a staff lady, and she ran away from him.

The staff wasn’t sure if the man was armed or not but in any case, he was dangerous and so they had to impose an immediate lockdown for the safety of their students and staff. And that the police was now guarding the building and so there was nothing to be worried about anymore. He thanked us for our cooperation.

The next day, one of our school janitors found him sleeping in the basement of our school near the storage closets and called the police. However, the man escaped immediately as the door was mistakenly left unlocked by the janitor as he panicked.

To this day, we have no idea of who he was and what happened to him after. But I hope that he got the help/treatment he needed without causing any further damage.

How I Got lockdown in School

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