Going To Run Away From My Abusive Dad

This is a confession that I’m writing in a state of extreme misery and devastation as I plan to run away from my home.

I’m a girl, 17 years old, and currently having issues with my dad. My dad’s a short-tempered, irascible, difficult man who never lets me live in peace. He’s always been this way and this is the reason. I try my best to be perfect because whenever I don’t live up to his expectations, he not only shouts at me but also at my mom.

Last month came my class results and although I think I scored pretty well, he doesn’t. I got 3As, 4Bs and a C. As soon as he saw my report card, he shouted at me, calling me a “lazy, worthless, bitch” and “pain”. Ever since my result, he’s being extra abusive towards me and keeps saying that he’s gonna put me in a private school because he’s had enough of my drama. But I can’t afford to change systems atm! It’s my last year and IDK how I’ll manage in a completely different school system.

I’ve begged him so many times to give me just one chance and I’ll definitely definitely improve my grades but he never agrees to it. I’m so heartbroken that he doesn’t value my health or anything! Never a day went by when he didn’t scold or insult me. Why can’t I have a normal dad? Just like everyone else has.

I feel that he’s a mentally disturbed person but if I continue living in this condition, I’m soon gonna lose my mind. I’ve had enough now. He’s going too far with his misbehaviour and I just can’t take anymore insult. I will run away as soon as I have everything carefully planned out and surely never come back.

Going To Run Away From My Abusive Dad

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