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Gave My Sister’s Golden Retriever Pup Away To A Random Kid

Gave My Sister’s Golden Retriever Pup Away To A Random Kid.

I am a person who has immense love for plants and absolutely enjoys gardening (do it as a hobby!) and also gets jealous pretty easily. I know the two of these have no connection whatsoever. But they sure have one in the story I’m about to tell. My confession.

I’ve an older sister.. my arch-rival if I were to call her. She’s always been better than me. Or more like, better than anyone at all! In studies, sports and whatnot. This brought her lots of praise and attention in the family. Whereas I, on the other hand, was mediocre. A Jack of all trades sort of person. The only thing that I was good at was taking care of our garden and nothing else.

I was about 6 or 7 when our dad bought us a little Golden Retriever. It was a gift for my sister. As she aced her finals with an unbeatable score. A genius like I’ve mentioned. She was very happy! And even though I should’ve been happy too, I wasn’t.

The pup had been with us from about two weeks but he was a little too energetic for my liking. Always sticking his nose here and there. He not once, but twice damaged the plants in our garden by pawing the soil. This made me really sad and angry. I remember crying because I loved them so much. I promised myself that I’d take revenge and so, I did.

One afternoon everyone was upstairs, taking a nap. I was alone with him. An evil idea came to me. “How about I just leave him off somewhere far from home?” I thought it was perfect and so took him in my arms and went out.

I walked and followed the lane where it went, straight, because I didn’t want to get lost. After walking for quite some time, I saw a group of boys playing in the street. I didn’t know them. There was a boy standing at the corner, watching them play. I went up to him and asked if he wanted the pup. And just like any kid, he said yes!


Gave My Sister’s Golden Retriever Pup Away To A Random Kid

I handed over the dog to him and ran back home. Everyone was still asleep. I went to my room too. When everyone woke up they instantly realized he wasn’t there. Soon started looking for him and after hours and hours of looking in and out, came to the conclusion that he might’ve run out somewhere when the door opened.

My sister cried a lot. For a few days, she did. And she’s now 20 but still misses that pup. I didn’t really feel bad at all then, but now that I think of it, I feel a little off. Nobody knows that I gave him away just because I was jealous. I can never let them know about this.. otherwise, my parents will be mad and sister will kill me. I hope God forgives me and so does the retriever.

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Gave My Sister’s Golden Retriever Pup Away To A Random Kid

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