Found A Way To Make My Lazy Coworker Work

I wouldn’t call myself a workaholic, but I’m a pretty hard working person. I work at a firm and I have a colleague who’s very lazy! She just keeps scrolling on social media or chats with her friends, or just reads emails. Gets up only to get coffee or use the restroom and then gets back to doing absolutely nothing!

Seeing her like that annoys me to the core because most of the time, our project/work gets delayed due to her laziness and eventually, we have to do it for her. I’ve (and other colleagues) politely asked to at least do her part but she never paid heed to it. She’s just very stubborn. And lazy.

Two days ago, I was so irritated I couldn’t take it anymore. So during our lunch break, I talked to her and said that our boss spies on all employees via a spy software that’s installed in all of our computers and made up a story of how one of our ex-colleague got fired. I also got one of the other colleagues in to lie about it.

This scared her and got her very worried. And ever since then, she’s been doing all her work properly.

Found A Way To Make My Lazy Coworker Work

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