Forgot To Wish My Best Friend For The First Time In 20 Years

I and my best friend have been (and still are) ‘BFFs’ from as long as I can remember. We share a bond so special and so unique, that even after all these years (say 26 years!) we haven’t been able to find, if not the same, then even a ‘similar’ or a ‘close’ one with anyone else.

A tradition that we’ve been following religiously is that we always get together on each other’s birthday. If due to some reason, we’re unable to meet then we FaceTime or call and spend some quality time chatting at 12 am. The reason I’m writing down all these crazy friendship qualities of ours is so that it’ll be easier for you to understand how I’m feeling.

Today was her birthday (she’s turned 30) and alas! I didn’t remember it and after spending my day as normal, I just went to bed and didn’t wish her.
It was late noon when I realized that’s it’s her birthday today.. and I felt so awful! Like how could I forget about it?!

After calming myself down a bit, I wished her through text. I know it’s not the best idea when you’ve done a blunder but I thought it’d spare me some embarrassment.

I’m really heartbroken and feel horrible as this had never happened before and hopefully, it never will in the future. She replied just as she would’ve.. joyfully.. but I know she’s hurt and hopefully, I will make up to her for my big mistake.

Forgot To Wish My Best Friend For The First Time In 20 Years

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