Forgot my wife’s birthday intentionally

Hey, FamersOnline Community. I have this confession to share with you all. Although I do feel bad about my actions. A few months back I and my wife had an argument and I lost my temper and the next day it was her birthday. I knew it’s her birthday but I didn’t wish her neither bought her any gift.

I started my day like any day we just exchange casual hellos and I left for office. Later I returned and I knew my wife was waiting for me but I was still angry that I just went for a shower and then came back and told her that I am going for a movie with my homies. She didn’t say anything and I left.
Though I was feeling guilty but my ego was far too big for me to go back and tell her happy birthday. After a few days, it was my birthday and I knew that she ain’t going to wish me or like celebrate my birthday. But I was wrong my wife woke up early and made cake herself and invited all our friends and also bought an expensive set of sneakers for me (I love sneakers) basically gave me a huge surprise and it was my best birthday in years. And now I feel guilty of doing what I did to my wife. I did tell her that I am sorry I forgot about your birthday. Though she doesn’t know I intentionally tried to show that I forgot her birthday. But now I am waiting for her birthday in 2020 and I am going to give her the best birthday ever.

Forgot my wife’s birthday intentionally

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