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Feeling Guilty for bullying after 15 years

Hey, guys, this is Bobby from Detroit Michigan. I wanted to share a confession with you guys. I have been feeling guilty for bullying people since the last few weeks and I thought why not share it.
So let me start with it. This confession is from my high school days when I with my 3 other friends used to bully other kids. We were the most hated and yet most popular group of boys in the entire school. I was really bad in studies and always loved bullying others. There was one guy named Murphy whom I used to bully the most. I with my friends used to lock him in the bathrooms throw his food away and did all the nasty stuff one could imagine. I remember once he started crying and we all just laughed on him. Even then I didn’t feel anything for him.

Well fast forward 15 years later when I have my own son who just started his high school and after just one week he started to break down that guys bully him and guys its the same way I used to bully that guy. And I can’t help it but think how evil I was. I wish I could somehow go back in time and correct all my mistakes. I wish I could ask for forgiveness from every person I bullied and especially from Murphy.

Feeling Guilty for bullying after 15 years

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