Embarrassed for living a sloth's life

Embarrassed for living a sloth’s life

I am the laziest person I know. So lazy that I end up not only neglecting and lying to my friends and family but also myself. I just don’t feel like getting out of my bed like.. EVER! And whenever I force myself out I feel nauseous and lethargic. I know this is the outcome of my sluggish lifestyle that I initially chose for myself just for a little while but now I just can’t get out of it!
Lying to others was something out of my comfort zone but I’ve now mastered it. I tell my friends and family that I’m busy working and so cannot come to meet them but in reality- I’m doing literally nothing and I enjoy it the most.
I’ve also faced a lot of trouble and lost a couple of jobs. I really feel that this habit of mine has gotten out of hand as I don’t even get up to eat, resulting in very less appetite, leading to extreme weakness.
I’ve decided to take baby steps towards being active, start by having a glass of milk and going for a light 5 mins walk. Today was the 3rd day and honestly, I’m feeling great! Hopefully, I’ll remain consistent and as excited for getting back to normal (or even better) as I’m right now.

Embarrassed for living a sloth’s life
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